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Ecotourism, or ecological tourism, is a viable option to conserve natural and cultural heritage, as the simultaneously create the concept of sustainable, economic development.
The degree to which tourism is sustainable can be assessed using a variety of factors, such as means of transport used, accommodation and practice activities in the area. We would like to provide you with a few suggestions so that you can minimize the cultural and environmental impacts.
  • Go to local business to dine or shop. In addition to making the local economy more dynamic, you are preserving the cultural aspects, and tradition, of the region. Whenever possible, take advantage of local guides, who are natural sources of knowledge relating to the food and culture of where you are visiting.
  • Help protect natural areas, such as beaches and mountains, from rubbish. Leave plastics, cans and organic waste in the appropriate areas. Show respect for the flora and fauna, in particular during reproduction season.
  • Chose hotels that are efficient, from an energy point of view.
  • Be responsible with your water consumption. Many exotic countries rely on limited water reserves.
  • When you are not at your place of accommodation, turn off the lights and leave the air conditioning and central heating disconnected.
  • Use ecologically friendly-transport. When you use a bike, for example, you are making the choice to be healthier and more ecological, and, at the same time, have the chance to see and go through natural routes.
  • If you are not able to use ecologically friendly transportation, choose to use public transport, rather than your car. Often, you will be able to save time, whilst significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.