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Free market

Free market

In Portugal, the market began to open in 1995 for the larger industrial consumers, before later opening up to High and Medium and Low Special Voltage consumers (voltages contracted that were greater than 41.1 kW).
In April 2000, Endesa Energia, S.A.U. was the first company to supply customers in the Portuguese free market.
Later, on 1 May 2002, Endesa formed Sodesa - Comercialização de Energia, S.A., which was the fruit of a joint-venture with the Portuguese group, Sonae, and contributed fifty per cent for each of the companies, with the aim of making electricity and services commercial for Portuguese customers in the free market.
At the end of 2005, almost 6 million electricity customers in Portugal opted to move to the free market. On 4 September 2066, the final stage of the liberalization process came to a close. From then on, the entirety of Portuguese electricity customers were able to freely choose their energy provider for electricity in the free market.