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Energy management

Energy management

Gestão Energia

In accordance with the Distribution Network Regulation, Order no. 596/2010:

“The entities associated with the Distribution Network must keep their electric installations in good, working conditions and store them in such a way that will not result in their working condition in the Distribution Network being negatively affected.”


  • At least once a year, the your companies electric installation must be inspected and the following operations carried out:
  • maintenance and cleaning of the transformers and the switchboards;
  • checking the state of the storage area for components that form part of the electric installation;
  • earth measurements;
  • etc.

In addition to the maintenance of the installation, Endesa suggests that prior thermographic analyses be carried out, which will help identify, in a simply and immediate way, possible anomalies in the equipment and electric installations and will help to determine the best course of action to remedy such. Through the thermographic analyses, the following is possible:


  • It monitors the distribution of heat, thus making it extremely easy to track hot and cold areas.
  • Identify short-circuits (responsible for many fires and the complete destruction of appliances).
  • Identify open missing components in certain contacts, which have been found to cause heating and, consequently, degradation of appliances and the installation itself.
  • identify energy wastage (caused by poor thermal insulation, which can lead to excessive consumption).

Endesa has a specialised, and certified, team it uses to carry out thermography and electric installation inspections, as well as resolve any issues found.


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