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Change to Endesa

Change to Endesa

Mude para a Endesa
When you are with Endesa, you will have the credibility and quality of one of the largest energy groups in Europe, guaranteed.
Because there are no costs and Endesa deals with all the procedures, functioning as mediator between itself and the Manager of the Process of Change of the Marketer
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Trâmites por conta da Endesa
on behalf of Endesa
Who can contract Endesa?

In order to contract Endesa to supply your electricity, it is necessary to be under single or dual tariff in the Regulated Market (power from 3.45 to 41.4 kVA) or under access tariff to BTN networks – single or double tariffs – in the Open Market (power from 3.45 to 41.4 kVA).

And for low pressure natural gas supplies, located in the distribution areas of Beiragás, EDP Gás Serviço Universal, Lisboagás, Lusitaniagás, Setgás or Tagusgás, and clients that belong to the consumption ranges 1,2,3 and 4.

How does the switching process happen?

From the date of hiring, this will be the process of change envisaged.

Hiring date
Activation / Signature of the contract with Endesa
First invoice of Endesa
First invoice of Endesa
Contract request Contract request
The change request is submitted to GPMC
Processing of change request
Send GPMC reading
Last invoice of the previous marketer

Average terms of activation according to the Endesa hiring. These deadlines are indicative only and may change.

Without prejudice to any early termination penalties applicable under the contract in force with its marketer.


After signing the contract, within approximately 5 days Endesa will request GPMC to switch your provider.


GPMC will take approximately 15 days to activate your contract with Endesa. When that happens, GPMC will send us a meter reading, which will be used by the former provider (to terminate your previous contract and issue the last invoice) and by Endesa (to activate your new contract).


Approximately 40 business days after the activation of your agreement with Endesa, you will receive your first invoice from us. If you have contracted electricity and gas, it may take up to 52 days for you to receive your first invoices after the signature of the contract.