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Most frequently asked questions

What is the rate of VAT?

The VAT that applies to electricity bills is 23%. This value was established, and has been applicable since, 1 October 2011.


How can I change my payment account?

You can do this by logging in to the Customer area. After doing that, you can change the bank account number by using the pertinent option. The data security is guaranteed.


How I can make an inquiry to clarify issues about my bill?

You can do this on Internet as long as you are registered on the Customer area. After you log in, you can inquire whatever you need.


What should I do if I want to contact Endesa?

We're closer too you than ever. that's why we offer you different ways to contact us, so you can choose the most convenient. In the Contact Us section, you will find all you need to know to stay in touch with us.


What do I have to do to request the Social Tariff?

Beyond the automatic allocation of the Social Rate, the beneficiary may require a proof of his/her status as beneficiary to social security institutions, relevant authorities and the Tax and Customs Authority; to submit it to the electricity power and natural gas supplier.

For more information you can contact us via:

Free phone call: 800101033 from Monday to Sunday between 8:00 and 23:00.


Or by sending a correctly filled form to:

Endesa Energía, SA (Portugal branch)
Social Rate request
EC Arroios - Apartado 1481
1013 - 001 Lisbon (Portugal)


What if I no longer meet the requirements?

Service Providers, together with the competent institutions relating to Social Security, request, between April and June each year, an update of the information relating to customers who benefit from the Social Rate, so that they can ensure they retain the customer, providing the necessary conditions for such continue to be met.


When will the Social Tariff be applied?

The Social Tariff will be considered with effect from the billing period after the request has been carried out and once the fully supporting documentation has been received. Once deferred, the application will be applied indefinitely, unless any of the conditions cease to be met.

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