General information relating to the liberalization

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General information relating to the liberalization

Will I be able to change electric company?

When the market became free, it became possible for electric supply contracts to be entered into with the Service Provider corresponding either to you geographic area or the one you wanted most.


Who are the players in the electricity market in Portugal? Who are the brokers in the electricity market?

  • The Producers, are businesses with Electric Power Stations and who sell their product to the market wholesaler. They are also responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of Power Stations.
  • The Distributors, administer the distribution network, buy energy from the marker wholesaler, provide it to its customers and send them the bill for the rate as set out by law. The Distributor business is the owner of the network and is responsible for ensuring the quality of the supply.
  • The Regulated Service Provider (EDP Serviço Universal), is the entity responsible for providing commercial, and advisory, assistance to customers who are in the regulated market.
  • The Service Providers, buy energy from the market wholesaler and provide it to their customers in the free market. They are under obligation to provide commercial, and advisory, assistance to their customers.
  • The Rede Elétrica Nacional, SA (REN), is responsible for the transportation and functioning of the system for the market wholesaler, and is also owner of the network.
  • The Electricity Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE), is the official body responsible for regulating and controlling all aspects associated with energy in Portugal.
  • The Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGGE), is the Portuguese Public Administrative body responsible for the conception, implementation and assessment of policies for the energy sector.


Which entity is responsible for advising consumers when they enter into an electric supply contract.

The Electricity Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE) is a public entity that is administratively and financially autonomous, with its own assets, whose purpose is to regulate the natural gas and electricity sectors.


When will I be able to find additional information about the complete liberalization of the energy markets?

On the ERSE website, an informative platform is made available to all customers, on which they can find detailed information about the technical and economic aspects of the free energy market.


What are the obligations of the Service Provider?

The Service Provider sells energy in a free and competitive market, to customers who have chosen to join the free market.


What are the obligations of the Regulated Service Provider?

The Regulated Service Provider (last resource Service Provider) is responsible for guaranteeing the supply in the regulated market.


What are the obligations of the Distributor?

The Distributor will provide a guarantee to the end customer that the supply is working. It's responsible for the technical part and maintenance of the electric supply. The Regulator has decided that the obligations of the Distributor are:
  • Guarantee the quality of the energy supply service.
  • Taking the meter readings.
  • Inspect and ensure the quality of distribution facilities, down to the measuring equipment, and carry out the experiments prior to connecting new users or updates to existing users.
  • Ensure there is permanent customer service and resolve customer issues.

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