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Learn about your bill

Learn about your bill

  • Modelo de factura
  • Modelo de factura

1 Bill summary


This will show the main information you need to know if you have a query relating to your bill.

  • Bill date. Date on which the bill was issued.

  • Billing period. Interval of time used to bill the energy used.

  • Bill number. Tax identification number of this confirmed bill.

  • Bill total Total amount payable, including applicable tax.


2 Client information


Includes basic information identifying the client and the electric supply contract.

  • Name, ID or Tax ID number and supply address. Personal data belonging to the contract holder and the supply address.

  • Economic Activity; Classification of Economic Activities (CEA) Code that corresponds to the economic activity relating to the supply. (You can view the existing codes on

  • DPC; Delivery Point Code. Unique code that identifies the location to which the energy supply is provided. It started with the sequence “PT”, and is followed by another 18 characters, which can be numbers of letters.

  • Contracted power. Maximum amount of energy that the client contracted based on the characteristics of their electric appliance and the use of the electric devices that the client has at home. This power indicated the maximum consumption in an hour; by multiplying this by 24, the maximum daily consumption can be calculated. The price of the power is fixed according to the power that you contract and is independent of the energy consumption that you have. The contracted power is expressed in kilowatts (kW).

  • Access tariff Tariff that the Company Service Provider pays to the Company Distributor for the use of the distribution network. This tariff is fixed by the Government.

  • Access contract number Identification code of the contract held with the Company Distributor.

  • Counter number. Identification number of the counter that the Company Distributor uses to measure the energy consumed.


3 Electric consumption


Shows the current, and previous, readings of the counter in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Includes a bar chat with the consumption history for the months indicated.


4 Billing


Analysis of the different concepts making up your bill.

  • Power term. Total amount to be paid for the contracted power. This is calculated by multiplying the contracted power (kWh) by the number of days on the bill and by the price of the kW/day.

  • Energy term The total amount to be paid for the energy consumed is calculated by multiplying the consumption period by the price of the kWh.

  • Audiovisual contribution Direct tax intended to fund the RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal [Radio and Television in Portugal]).

  • DGEG Exploration Rate (Directorate General of Energy and Geology) Rate that is paid for having access to the electricity.

  • Electricity tax. Special tax set by the Government.

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) There are 2 types of VAT that are applicable:

    23% of the bill;

    6% of the rate “audiovisual contribution”.

  • Bill total Total amount payable, including applicable tax. You will also find it reflected in point 1 (Bill Summary)


5 Information about your product


Includes relevant information relating to the contracted product, such as regulations and changes to the price.


6 Notification


Includes relevant information relating to the bill, such as regulations and changes to the price.


7 Method of payment


This section specifies the total value, the information relating to, and the date on which the debit will be made from your account. Please note that, for security purposes, the 5 last digits of your account number will never appear. If you opt for the Multi-bank, you will be able to use the entity and reference supplied to make payment until the date specified above.


8 Notifications of interest


The place we will keep you updated about things that may be of interest to you.


9 Customer Service


The contract number that you have with Endesa features in this place. This is the number that you will be asked for whenever you have any dealings with us. In addition, we will indicate the channels of assistance that are available to you.